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Japanese Green Tea, Super Fine grade
Sencha Fukamushi Gyokuro Genmaicha Hojicha Matcha Health

Hand made Green Tea, Japanese style (Steamed)
very special for your satisfaction

We make fine tea only
We offer you really fine tea, so its price must be high.

This page is available only for the tea lovers looking for something specials
We would like to be singled out by tea lovers.


We make really fine tea with might and main.

We make really fine tea in all seriousness.

Our green tea has been cultivated at the heart of Mt. Fuji.
Photograph taken and Copy right reserved by Masahiro Kouyama

If you believe

" Quality is essential, for hearty hospitality for precious friends and customers."

we also want to be a good friend of you.

We finish-up fine green tea by "skilled " hand.

A very rare, traditional tea drier, only a long-established store has.

Looks old fashion ?

Of cause NOT.

This method requires much labor, but we keep up
this process for rich aroma and taste.

We noticed this is the best method for quality

We believe tea-garden should offer " Quality" tea of which satisfy customers, and should have skill to answer customer's anticipation. Because it is our " Pride" as Artisan and confirm the significance of the existence of ourselves. It is our Philosophy

We are aiming to become " Meister ", surpass the tea artisan
Therefore, its Quality is the first priority.

After decided to be "Meister", we have been improving our skills, since we do not believe it is possible to make an excellent and quality tea which satisfy customers without skills

We proudly declare our skill :

Tea tasting technique : 7th grade, 6th grade and 2nd grade
Certified Japanese green tea instructor
Certified Japanese green tea adviser
Award winner - No.1Tea Taster in Japan
at the contest of tea tasting technique held in 1994.
This award certified by the ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Let us know your taste

If you are Tea Shop owner or Tea importer, please let us know the tea you like. after receipt of your requirement, we are going to finish-up the tea as close as your taste. we will send you sample and then, please test our tea whether it has value for purchase.

We do not ship our tea without your satisfaction and approval.

Sample is available


Our Tea is expensive, because of its fine quality. we do not want to handle cheap tea

We treat each customers as a important friend of us, therefore, We hesitate to send sample to the person who do not love tea so much.

If you really are looking for fine Japanese Green Tea, we are pleased to make it for you earnestly.

Let us know your required tea !

We can ship you

Sencha, Upper Middle - Premium

The most common Japanese green tea.
Sencha has a unique fresh aroma and refined astringency.

Sencha, Fukamushi Upper Middle - Premium

( Deep steamed Sencha )

Steamed longer than common sencha green tea, producing a
sweeter taste.

Gyokuro, Superior - Premium

The highest grade of Japanese green tea.
Grown in the shade for approximately 3 weeks before harvesting
for reduce leaf photosynthesis, which alters the proportions of sugars,
amino acids, flavanols and other substances responsible for tea aroma
and taste. Gyokuro is sweet and delicate in flavour.


Green tea combined with roasted brown rice.
The taste is pleasant with a hint of roasted rice and a mild aftertaste.
The aroma is a light scent of freshness and roasted rice


Roasted green tea, low in caffeine with a nutty flavor and goes
well with food.
It has less caffeine and tannins than other teas.


Powdered green tea, grown in the shade condition like Gyokuro
and which is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

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If you want " more special ", different from others,
We can finish-up " only the one " Tea for your own

We are called

Skillful Craftsmen

Why don't you try our "magical hand "?

Tell us your taste,

1) Type of Tea --- Sencha / Gyokuro

2) Taste of Tea ---Light / Med-Light / Medium / Med-Rich / Rich

3 ) Color of tea ---Light / Med-Light / Medium / Med-Deep / Deep

4) Steaming --- Light Steamed / Medium Steamed / Deep Steamed

5) Other Requirement --- Please specify if any.

We blend fine taste and rich aromatic tea within your budget and confirm the blended tea by yourself before purchase.

Tell us your taste soon !
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Please remember,

Sample is available for earnest Importers & Tea Shop only.

Ask me soon !

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